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Center for Injured Workers, Inc.
A Non-Profit Corporation
The Center for Injured Workers, Inc., (CIW), is San Antonio’s leading non-profit organization dedicated to
educating and training injured employees so they can learn how to preserve their entitlement to health care
treatment and payment of indemnity benefits and learn how to secure representation from a licensed attorney
or assistance from an OIEC ombudsman or lay representative.

CIW is the cradle of hope for the injured employee.  CIW does not assist or represent an injured employee
under the provisions of Texas Labor Code §401.011(37) and §410.006(a) and 28 Texas Administrative Code
§150.3(a)(3).  Instead, CIW acts on behalf of a claimant as permitted by TDI/DWC and OIEC because the
Texas Labor Code only provides the Division with monitoring of representatives, not persons acting on behalf
of claimants.  CIW provides fee-based education and training on the rudiments of workers' compensation so
injured employees can make informed decisions as they fight to preserve their workers' compensation benefits.  
CIW and an injured employee enter into a contract through the use of a sworn specific power of attorney under
the provisions of the Texas Government Code §552.023(a) and the Texas Labor Code §402.084(b)(1).

Carolyn Arambula, who is the Executive Director, and John Arambula, who is CIW's Board President, do not
receive a salary or fee or remuneration directly or indirectly from any fee (tax deductible charitable contribution)
CIW receives from an injured employee.  CIW, as a nonprofit organization, does not by law distribute revenue to
its owners. Any revenue retained by a nonprofit is used to propagate the purpose of the organization.

The focus is on the safe return of injured workers back to a productive work status.  By safely returning injured
workers back to work, the injured worker becomes a productive employee and the liability potential to the
employer is minimized.  CIW recognizes that when the breadwinner is injured and disabled, the spouse and
children silently suffer.

The abuse, harassment, and humiliation of injured workers by insurance carrier adjusters is on the rise.  Injured
workers who cannot get an attorney or who have given up on the assistance provided by OIEC are at the mercy
of unscrupulous insurers who take advantage of the injured workers' misfortune.

The insurance carrier has the duty of good faith and fair dealing; however, due to the disparity of bargaining
power and the exclusive control the insurance carrier exercises over the processing of claims, the defenseless
injured worker is stripped of the workers' compensation protection from the economic calamity of disabling

CIW's goal is to seek adequate tax deductible charitable contributions to be able to provide free education and
training to injured employees so they will not become victims to the system that is supposed to help them.  To
help CIW achieve this goal, please send generous charitable contributions to CIW.

CIW asks health care providers, employers, friends of injured workers, and the public to partner with CIW by
clicking on the "Donate" Logo on the left.  Enter the amount you wish to donate and use your VIsa, Mastercard,
Discover, or American Express through PayPal, CIW's online processor.  It is fast, free, and secure.

On behalf of injured workers, we wish to thank you for your financial assistance.  If you need further information
or wish to talk to someone, please call CIW at 210-995-4430.

Acknowledgement of your contribution or donation will be mailed to you or your company at the address listed
on the PayPal form for tax deductible purposes.
"Donations are the lifeline of non-profit organizations.  Through your generous contributions
you extend a helping hand to those in need and give them a ray of hope."
John Arambula, Sr.
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