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From The Executive Director
Before I retired from the corporate world, I handled workers' compensation claims for employees injured on the
jobas a Corporate Administrator for several companies and I can attest that the number of fraudulent claims from
injured workers was very insignificant.  As Executive Director for the Center for Injured Workers for over 10 years,
I still have not read any factual or verifiable information placing fraudulent claims from injured workers at or above
employment being penalized for the violations committed by 1%?

I have heard workers' compensation insurance companies allege that the high cost of employers' workers'
compensation insurance premiums are due not only to a massive amount of fraudulent claims but also to the high
fees charged by plaintiff attorneys and injured workers' treating doctors.  I can categorically state that the workers'
compensation insurance carriers are responsible for the continued increases in workers' compensation premiums.
This can be verified by State Legislators if they have a Legislative investigation and audit of injured employee
benefits and the carriers' allocated expenses or codes where the expenditures to high cost attorneys, expert
witnesses, IME/RME doctors, peer review doctors, case managers, investigators, rehab nurses, and
miscellaneous expenses.  Instead State Legislators enacted legislation that sounds like it is intended to help
injured workers when in truth it makes it more difficult for injured workers to hire a plaintiff attorney and to get
medical care.   Because the injured worker is prohibited from hiring an attorney if they are not receiving some
form of workers' compensation payments, the injured worker is left to use an ombudsman who only gives the
injured worker 15 minutes to determine how the injured worker can be helped.  The real intent of the Act has been
engineered by workers' compensation insurance lobbyists who bought State Legislators to enact an Act that
favors the insurance carrier and the employer so that employer workers' compensation premium can be lowered
at the expense of injured workers.

Even though the reformation of workers' compensation started to reduce workers' compensation benefits, the cost
of workers' compensation kept going up, while the number of injured workers' claims went down.  The Division of
Workers' Compensation bragged that 95% of the injured workers were finding a solution at the Benefit Review
Conference, but it was an illusion because IN FACT, the 95% consisted of unrepresented injured employee and
those assisted by an ombudsman.  They were and are no match for the powerful, experienced workers'
compensation lawyers they face at the Benefit Review Conference.  It is unconscionable for Texans to allow State
Legislators and unscrupulous insurance carriers to gang up on defenseless injured workers.  If State Legislators
are not influenced by money, what motivates them to turn a blind eye on the pain and suffering injured workers
experience at the hands of unscrupulous workers' compensation insurance companies?  They are the ones
responsible for making workers' compensation cost go up.  They don't care how much money they spend in order
to deny, delay, or refuse workers' compensation claims.  They can always pass the increase cost by raising the
insurance premiums they charge employers.  The truth is that the insurance carriers' insatiable greed for money
is the main contributor for the spiraling high cost of workers' compensation.

Employees injured on the job are not bad people.  They are victims of poor safety training or no training at all.  
Lack of safety enforcement in the workplace compounds the problem.  I don't know of any Injured employee who
would trade their ability to earned an income for a measly two years of workers' compensation benefits veiled with
abuse, harassment, intimidation tactics, and emotional stress on top of the pain and suffering brought about by
the injury.  Injured employees have a family and they want to return to being productive wage earning citizens so
that they can provide for their family's basic living needs.

I ask, "Why should the children suffer and go hungry or even lose their home because their working father or
mother sustained a legitimate injury on the job and the workers' compensation company arbitrarily refuses to
approve workers' compensation benefits?"  The insurance company can afford to delay compensation benefits as
long as it wants because the insurance company does not suffer any consequences, BUT the children, who
depend on the money earned by their working parent(s) to meet basic living expenses, suffer severe
consequences due to the economic calamity brought about by the frivolous delay of workers' compensation

CIW does not offer representation services because CIW is a charitable and educational entity.  CIW wishes a
group of workers' compensation claimant attorneys would form an association and be the symbol of equity for
employees injured in the course and scope of employment.  I hope this will become reality.

In the interim, I ask Texans to refuse to accept this inhumane treatment of children of employees who are injured
in the coarse and scope of employment.  I ask Texans to stand with CIW and help educate and train injured
employees on how to preserve workers' compensation benefits for injuries sustained on the job so we can
minimize this injustice to children of injured workers by sending tax deductible charitable contributions to CIW.  Will
you cast your contribution to help protect the children of injured workers from the unreasonable, abusive acts of
workers' compensation insurance carriers?  Will you say "YES" and send your financial tax deductible contribution
today?  Thank you.

With Kind Regards,

Carolyn G. Arambula
Executive Director
Television and newspaper ads, magazine articles, and other news media from wealthy
workers' compensation insurance companies have convinced non-injured employees and a
large portion of the general public to believe that the employee injured in the course and
scope of employment is a malingerer, a deadbeat, or just a plain lazy person who is looking
for a handout.  CIW has challenged news alerts aired by some TV companies which have
used video clips from personal injury cases being portrayed as workers' compensation
injured employees.  I intend to keep fighting for injured workers in an effort to correct this