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Center for Injured Workers, Inc.
A Non-Profit Corporation
Carolyn G. Arambula, Executive Director
agencies, universities, private industry, and non-profit organizations in the development of training programs to
teach employees, supervisors, managers, and department directors how to comply with the employment laws,
workers' compensation, safety, sexual harassment, EEOC, and ADA.  As a Consultant, Carolyn perfected the art
of not only being a strong proponent of total quality service, employee-customer/client service, and total
commitment to the highest degree of excellence in human relations, but also being a strong advocate for the
protection of employees injured in the course and scope of employment.  

Carolyn is an acclaimed speaker and trainer at professional seminars and civic and social functions.  She has
been a featured speaker at functions sponsored by the Laredo Association for Human Resources, Charter
Hospital of Laredo, the Society for the Prevention of Blindness, Austin Urban League, Divine Science Federation,
Action Cybermatics, Texas Senate, AFL-CIO, City of Austin, and the Association of Unity Churches, and has been
asked to share her HR views on radio and television community shows.  Carolyn served as President of the
Laredo Association for Human Resource Management (LAHRM), has been a National Member of the Society for
Human Resource Management (SHRM), and member of SHRM State Legislative Council and the SHRM
Legislative Council Grass Roots Committee.  She is also a member of the National Association for Female
Executives and the American Society for Training and Development.

Currently, Carolyn is the Executive Director for the Center for Injured Workers, Inc. (CIW) and serves on CIW’s
Board of Directors. CIW is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to teaching and educating injured workers so they
know how to preserve their rights to workers' compensation as they work with their health care provider and
attorney or ombudsman.  The key is for injured workers to be able to make informed decisions so they will not
become victims of the system that is supposed to help them.  Carolyn is not only a “hands on” executive but also
the pro at tutor-style education and training.  She interviews and counsels each Claimant, helps them understand
how to prepare documents needed by their health care provider and/or attorney or ombudsman.  In addition
Carolyn helps injured workers who will not be able to return to their original position or are unable work or are
fired, how to prepare documents needed to get training through the Texas Department of Assistive and
Rehabilitative Services, or entitlement benefits through the Texas Workforce Commission, social service
organizations, or U.S. Social Security Administration, and spiritual counseling as necessary.

For over 9 years, Carolyn has worked with health care providers, attorneys, employers, TWCC, TDI/DWC, the
Office of Injured Employee Counsel (OIEC), and WC insurance carriers in order to keep current in all fields so she
can develop the proper training so injured employees can obtain reasonable and necessary health care so they
can safely return to work in the most expedient manner.  Carolyn champions the principle of dignity, equity, and
respect for injured workers.  Her vision is to help attain a more equitable and fair workers' compensation system.

For additional information, please call 210-995-4430.
CIW Executive Director
Carolyn G. Arambula is a top-ranking corporate human resource executive with unmatched
performance in the diversified field of employment.  With American Optical Corporation,
Carolyn was promoted to international vice president of administration where she won the
respect of the president for her reputation as a high-performance executive in human
resources, risk management, workers’ compensation, and safety.  Carolyn was a leader in
the development of managing by action where she visited with employees, sought feedback
from the workforce, and developed and instituted powerful protocols in people development,
training, counseling, career ladder planning, and return- to-work strategies.  After leaving
the corporate world, Carolyn provided consulting services to State and local government