reduced workers' compensation and health care premiums by 20% to 60% without decreasing benefits or in
workers' compensation and $2.2 million dollars in health care benefits.

In 2000, John focused on the latest clinical discoveries in neurobiology as it applies to neuromuscular and
neurocardiovascular inflammation, neurotransmitter activity, and pain.  He conducted a pilot study using a variety
of state-of-the-art neuromuscular electrical stimulators (NMES, TENS, FES, TES, IF, and Galvanic stimulation),
electromyographic biofeedback, and acupuncture.  He identified modalities that accelerate the healing process.

John is a prominent bilingual cost containment strategist, a motivational speaker, and seminar leader who has
provided consulting services and training sessions, workshops and seminars to state agencies, municipalities,
industrial and commercial entities, state and national associations, unions, and other civic and social

John has served as Chairman of the Board of Directors and President of the Laredo Association for Human
Resource Management (LAHRM), chairman of the Laredo Job Service Employer Committee (JSEC), director for
the Texas Chapter of the World Safety Organization, board member of the Texas Safety Association (TSA), vice-
president of TSA's Public Employees Section, president and member of the Lions, Optimists, and other civic
organizations, and is the founder of the Austin Area Employers' Safety Forum.  John holds two patents in
magnetoabsorption technology.  His exemplary achievements earned John the prestigious recognition and
inclusion in Marquis "Who's Who in the South and Southwest".

(CIW).  Safrisk™ provides consulting services to business and industry in workers' compensation and personal
injury case management, case intervention, accident investigation and analysis, accident reconstruction, accident
prevention, cost containment, and training.  Safrisk™ also provides consulting services to health care providers in
matters relating to preauthorization, precertification, peer to peer review, and medical necessity matters.  He is
also the technical consultant to CIW.  CIW is a nonprofit corporation chartered to provide education and teaching
programs to injured workers and to provide consulting and training services to health care providers so they can
provide more effective safe return to work medical treatment to injured workers.  A nonprofit organization is, by
law, an organization that does not distribute revenue to its owners. Any revenue retained by a nonprofit is used to
propagate the purpose of the organization.

John is passionate in his quest to enhance the involvement of the Division of Workers’ Compensation, injured
employees, health care providers, employers, and insurance carriers in order to optimize the workers'
compensation cost/benefit criteria.

For additional information, please call 210-995-4430.
(210) 995-4430
A Non-Profit Corporation
CIW Board President
John Arambula is an eminent nuclear physicist with biomedical research experience
andestablished credentials in Corporate governance and affairs, risk management,
workers' compensation, property & casualty, health benefits, occupational and
environmental safety, project management, accident prevention & investigation, injury
analysis and return to work programs, human resources, training, medical instrumentation
design and development, engineering, and military products aerospace and hydrospace
research and development.  John's comprehensive experience, corporate know how, and
professional expertise in the assessment of injury and casualty claims, computerized loss
analyses, and the establishment of damage and loss limits led him to scientifically develop
John Arambula, Board President